PATRIMONIVM editor: an Application Suite

The PATRIMONIVM editor is an integrated web application based on eXist-db and is dedicated primarily to the production and enrichment of epigraphical corpora, from the creation of TEI/EpiDoc files to the building of both the gazetteer and prosopographical data of places and people involved in the documents. The web application has been conceived in a modular and customizable approach, so that it could potentially fit the requirements of any historical project that needs to process textual sources and deal with spatial and prosopographical material.

A modular and customizable web application built with eXist-db

The Patrimonium Editor, or any instantiation of it, requires 3 eXist-db packages/applications to run: 1) a common library; 2) one application for the front-end, and 3) one for storing the data.

The Text Editor, the Places, People, and Thesaurus Managers are generated by the front-end application (2), taking the required XQuery functions from the AusoHNum-Library (1). Data, such as the epigraphical texts in TEI, the places and people records, or the thesaurus schemes are taken from the Data Repository (3).

An user-friendly interface to encode and enrich texts

Text encoding is done with an XML Editor (middle dark pane) and a set of tools on the left and top of it. A click on a button will wrap the selected text with the requested XML element

The feature "Text converter" allow users to import text written in Leiden Rules and several other standards, very useful for converting existing, not EpiDoc editions

Watch a demo:

Learn more about PATRIMONIVM Editor

  • General presentation at IV workshop, Hamburg, 20.02.2020 2.03 Mo
  • Presentation focused on the handling of spatial information, Assises MAGIS 2020 (online), 24.06.2020 2.6 Mo
  • Poster presented at V workshop, Leuven (online), 5.11.2020 1 245 Ko


  • Project's Director: Alberto Dalla Rosa
  • Database and data-model design: Vincent Razanajao & Alberto Dalla Rosa
  • eXist-db & web development, mapping: Vincent Razanajao
  • Extra design: Carole Baisson

The application is still under development and we are planning to make the code available on a git repository soon. However, if you are interested in using this piece of software, please do not hesitate to contact us.