EpiDoc Converter

This converter is based on the EpiDoc converter built for the Patrimonium Editor. It allow users to import text written in Leiden Rules and several other standards: very useful for converting existing, not EpiDoc editions

You can paste below any text formatted according to main epigraphical standards. You can then directly edit the xml produced by the converter in the second editor, by direct input or through the toolbar. A preview pane at the bottom will give back the text in a standard format.

Warning: any action in the top editor will overwrite previous conversion. You may lock and unlock the editor with the lock button

Enter Leiden-style text below

EpiDoc conversion


Tips for getting an optimal conversion

EDCS/EDH: copy and paste the text, then (1) check that no open brackets ] or [ remain at the beginning or at the end of your text (you can simply remove the open brackets or replace them with undetermined lacunas [3] or [---]), (2) remove all questions marks left in the text, (3) remove all triple brackets [[[ (the converter understands the double brackets [[ ]] as an erasure, but has difficulties with triple brackets. In those cases we suggest to remove all double brackets from the text and add the <del rend="erasure"> markup later), (4) remove all other non-standard signs you may find.

EDR: copy and paste the text, then (1) change all supralineated or dotted letters, letters with apices to their standard form (these are not converted into epidoc). (2) remove all lines consisting only in dashes - - - - - -. (3) remove all editorial comments within chevrons〈: 〉or parentheses (: ). (4) verify that line numbers have correctly been removed from the epidoc text.

PHI: copy and paste the text, then (1) remove all non-standard characters like #⁷ and normalisations, (2) rewrite all lacunas with open dashes and dots in their more standard form [---] [....] (3) verify that line numbers have correctly been removed from the epidoc text and vacat indications have been converted and not inserted as plain text.