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This page lists the 4941 documents included in the Atlas Patrimonii Caesaris. Use the search box to filter the list according to one or multiple criteria, such as title, provenance, province, edition (corpus abbreviation + number), keywords or external ID number. You can also filter by functions or administrative titles (e.g. procurator, adiutor), by type of imperial property (e.g. landed estate, quarry, mine) or by specific productions (e.g. vines, sheep). Broad epigraphic categories are also available (e.g. funerary monuments, sacred dedications).

Latin epigraphic corpora are abbreviated according to the most commonly used practices. Abbreviations of Greek epigraphic corpora follow the Checklist of Editions of Greek Inscriptions. Papyrological publications are abbreviated according to the Checklist of Greek, Latin, Demotic and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca and Tablets.

A complete list of keywords will be put online soon. The indexation of documents according to the different keywords is also ongoing, therefore search results could be partial. Searching capabilities, including textual search, will be significantly expanded in the next version of the Atlas.

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