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This page lists all persons mentioned in the documentation included in the Atlas Patrimonii Caesaris and aspires to provide a complete prosopography of all imperial slaves and freedmen, as well as all persons involved in the administration or the exploitation of the patrimonium Caesaris: freedmen and equestrian procurators, contractors, workers. People attested in our documentation as interacting with the aforementioned categories (family members, friends, local magistrates/priests) are also listes. When their identification is possible, the ancient owners of specific imperial properties are also in this list.

Unknown persons are indicated as Ignotus or Ignota. Slaves and freedmen/freedwomen of the emperors are listed as imperial slave or imperial freedman/freedwoman, while slaves and freedmen of private individuals are listed as such. Rank (city councillor, equestrian, senatorial) is included only if relevant. Names of freedmen/freedwomen are given according to how they are indicated in the sources: names only found in Greek inscriptions use Greek terminations (e.g. Adrastos), while those found (also) in Latin documents use latin terminations (e.g. Adrastus). Praenomina and Nomina are given only if explicitly mentioned on the document, even when they can be reconstructed from other elements. Functions and titles are given in Latin, even if the document mentioning the person is in Greek. When a Greek term has no clear Latin equivalent, the original transliterated word is used. The dates associated to each persons are automatically derived from the datation of the documents in which they are mentioned. This means that in some cases (e.g. when an emperor is mentioned in a document dating after his death) dates do not correspond to the actual lifespan of the person.

ID Name Sex Personal status Personal status URI Citizenship Citizenship URI Rank RankURI Functions Dates Ref.