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This page lists all spatial entities included in the Atlas Patrimonii Caesaris. These include all places of provenance of all documents present in the database, as well as other places which are mentioned in our documentation or are attached to documents to indicate their origin (e.g. in the case of inscribed marble block transported far from their place of extraction) or that of their content (e.g. an inscription or papyrus carrying the text of a letter written in a different place than the provenance of the document).

The list contains all imperial properties (landed estates, forests, fisheries, workshops, processing units, mines, quarries, villas, residences) that can be precisely or approximatively located. Administrative subdivisions of the patrimonium (regiones or tractus) are listed as patrimonial districts. Larger administrations comprising one or more districts (e.g. the tractus Karthaginiensis) are called patrimonial supradistricts. Metalla consisting of several extraction sites are listed as quarrying or mining districts (e.g. Carrara, Mons Claudianus, Karystos). Large mining districts, such as the Aurariae Daciarum are listed as mining territories. Provincial attributions reflect the subdivision of 117 AD (places in later Numidia are listed under Africa proconsularis) apart from regions that were not fully provincalized at the time, for which later denominations are adopted (e.g. Mesopotamia, Osroene).

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